Vote For The Autism Women’s Network Every Day In November!

Thanks to everyone who voted for AWN in last month’s Pepsi Refresh Project. We were in the top 100 again in October, so our entry will continue on in November. Thanks again to everyone who has been voting and please keep on voting every day in November! We get a little closer to #1 each month. Let’s hope November is our month to win 🙂

As a tie-in with our Pepsi Refresh Project campaign, the Autism Women’s Network is featuring posts by autistic females or their caregivers. We hope to give the public a better idea of what female autism is in the words of people who actually live it every day. To see these posts, please visit the AWN FAIM Blog.

The voting process is kind of confusing and round-about depending on which method you vote with. I think the easiest way is texting. To vote by texting, text 101500 to Pepsi (73774).

I have been voting by clicking the link in my sidebar and logging in through Facebook. Every day, I need to click the vote button 4 times. Please make sure you have voted after you click the button. You will know if you voted because the vote button will disappear and be replaced by some text thanking you for voting and asking if you want to help promote the idea. It might be quicker or easier if you get a Pepsi Refresh account and log in that way. As confusing as it may be, please take the extra 30 seconds to make sure your vote has been counted.

Disclosure: Lori is the Director of Technical Services and Web Development for AWN.

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