Don’t Give Up Yet! Vote for AWN in December!

Last month, we were just a few places short of winning the Pepsi Refresh Everything contest.

This month we are sure to win! Well, not really, so I must ask again:

Please keep voting for the Autism Women’s Network EVERY DAY in December!

Vote for the Autism Women's Network in the Pepsi Refresh Everything Project

There are 3 ways to vote:

  1. Vote via facebook:  When you are signed into your Facebook account, click on the following link to vote:
  2. Vote via cell phone:  Text 101500 to Pepsi at (73774)
  3. Vote online:

Thanks very much everyone!

2 thoughts on “Don’t Give Up Yet! Vote for AWN in December!”

  1. Why do we ask you to keep voting? Because the reality is that autistic females are underrepresented in all areas down to the the most basic supports in our schools and communities. Educating and helping others to understand the unique qualities and characteristics of girls and women on the spectrum will help us grow towards a greater understanding of the spectrum as a whole; then, we are all winners!

    AWN will make December our last month in the Pepsi Contest. This is our last chance – help make a difference.

  2. Sharon, yall are doing a great job this will be your month to win. God bless you and your group for all you do voting and praying for you. Paul


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