Macworld 2006 :: Day 4 | The Temptation

I don’t know how much longer I can hold out. The big bright shiny iMac is calling my name. The screen is so big and bright. I can picture it filled with photoshop and firefox and textWrangler ALL ON THE SCREEN AT THE SAME TIME! I can imagine testing a website on 4 different browsers at once. It is not the 12″ screen I know and usually love. Just one more day of being surrounded by hundreds of them. I will miss that.

Big bright shiny new iMac

Today was fun. Not as overwhelming as yesterday. I didn’t get there until 2pm. I met up with TC for a short while. That was very nice. We sparred. We just don’t get the chance to fight like we used to. I miss that! We will try to fight more 🙂

K met me there after she got off work. I showed her the beautiful iMac. She is fully supportive of me clicking the ‘check out’ button on the apple site as long as I transfer our music off the PC and move our speakers onto the imac. Nothing a few DVDs and a driver download couldn’t handle.

My list of reasons keeps growing; each reason more ridiculous than the next. I think the odds of me doing it is now at around 90%. They are going up faster than Apple stock!

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