Macworld 2006 :: Day 5 | The End

Macworld is over. I am sad even though I really don’t think I have enough energy for another day there. Maybe another half day…

The last day of the expo is cool because everyone is trying to get rid of their stuff so they don’t have to lug it back with them, so there are lots of great deals.

I got a good deal on a wacom graphire tablet. The demo guy gave me a 20 minute lesson on using it. It rocked. The demo model was larger and twice as touch sensitive as the entry level play tablet that I got, but it has still got to be better than photoshopping with a mouse!

I also got 2 php5 tutorial DVDs for $10. Those were my only macworld purchases besides from granola bars, coffee, apples, and one soggy vegetarian sandwich.

I am still imac free. But probably not for long.

The imac is in the mail 🙂

I met up with Root and Green at the expo. That was nice. It is Root’s birthday today. Me and K just got back from her birthday party at the Pyramid brewery. It was fun and nice to see so many people that I haven’t seen for a while. I think life will return to ‘normal’ now. I will geek out in solitude. Makes me happy. And sad.

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