Macworld 2007 :: Day 1 | It Begins

I am at Moscone Center. Just got my badge for macworld. No lines today. Exept for food! There are endless lines at the 2 food stands. The power tools conferences must have just broken for lunch when I got here and the food stands were just opening. It is a good time not to be hungry. Nothing going on here today besides from registration and the first round of power tools conferences. Even though I am not signed up for any of those, I thought i would take advantage of the free wireless while I am here.

I have a couple of hours to kill before I meet R, someone who contacted me through this site. She has recently discovered asperger’s and is looking for information and people. I can relate! It seems we have a lot in common. i am looking forward to meeting her.

The ride over here on BART was okay. I was worried about it because I haven’t been feeling so well because of the meds. It is weird. Comes and goes. Sometimes I am okay. Other times, I feel completely horrible and strange. Right now, not so bad, but not really great. Occasional dizziness and nausea. Strange sores on my fingers and toes. Under the skin. Swollen. Red. Those may not even be due to the meds. The same thing happened last winter. I am sometimes allergic to the cold. Raynaud’s disease according to Karen and my mom. I am sure they are right, but am reluctant to have any more diseases or labels at the moment. Whatever is the cause, it is annoying and mildly painful. I still feel like I am in a cotton ball, but a smaller one than I was in last week.

The expo starts tomorrow. The user’s conference is on wed. and thurs. It will be a long week, but I am excited. I am happy just being here right now, sitting on the floor, geeking out. Surrounded by other geeks doing the same thing. Except for the million people that are still on line waiting for food. I am tired already, but that is the meds. I hope I will be okay enough to be here all week. Life is kind of hard these days for a change. I am trying to be patient. Give the meds time to kick in and the side effects a chance to go away. In some ways I feel better, but it is hard to say exactly how. I was able to read a web design magazine that I’ve had for months. That is an improvement. Maybe someday I will be able to read that dang Harry Potter book!

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