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Pictures Without Words — 11/28/2008

Pictures Without Words

Today I found FFFFOUND! FFFFOUND! is an invitation-only web image-bookmarking service that also dynamically suggests other images that may be of interest to the user based on their tastes and interests. It was hard to get away from it even long enough to post this.

Image credit: Design You Trust

There were a few things that made FFFFOUND! stand out from other image-bookmarking services. The first was the quality and interestingness of the images. I am pretty sure this is due to the invitation-only nature of the site. My favorite thing about the site is that there is no text other than the linked title of the page containing the original image and the usernames of other folks who have also bookmarked the image.

When viewing an image, thumbnails of other images that may be of interest are shown below. There are no descriptions or comments about any of the images. The experience of using the site encourages a very ‘free association’ style of browsing. Seriously mesmerizing.

Giraffes! — 11/21/2008
Words Crashing Inside My Head — 11/20/2008

Words Crashing Inside My Head

I was having some trouble thinking earlier and ended up looking at the wordle pix again to quiet my brain. The one below caught my eye because it is a picture of what was going on in my head. It is a pretty accurate illustration of what I mean when I say (or write) that “the words crash inside of my head”. (Click the image to enlarge) [singlepic=13,450,248,,center] The reason it is hard for me to think and read sometimes is because I don’t think in straight lines. I think in grids. Hard to explain. Some people call it thinking in pictures. For me, the pictures are more like 3D wireframe models that can be viewed from every angle and direction, including from the inside out. Nothing at all resembling a straight line like a sentence does. When I can’t see the grid and try to think in words, they do not form sentences in my head. They are individual units floating around and crashing into each other without ever making any sense. It is annoying, but I feel kind of lucky that usually the words stay together and are not further divided into individual letters or individual shapes that make up the letters. Looking at the pix and/or writing this appears to have had its intended effect. I better get back to work now before it wears off!

Keith Olbermann on Prop 8 — 11/16/2008

Keith Olbermann on Prop 8

I finally got around to watching this. Pretty amazing. 6 minutes and 29 seconds well spent! Thanks to Keith Olbermann and to all the folks who have been spreading this video around.

Wordle — 11/03/2008


Wordle is a toy for generating “word clouds” from text that you provide. The clouds give greater prominence to words that appear more frequently in the source text. You can tweak your clouds with different fonts, layouts, and color schemes.

I spent way more time wordling yesterday than I care to admit here. It was kind of mesmerizing. I made one by entering the main LBnuke URL and a bunch by entering the feed URL. The ones with “Things” as the big word is from the feed and contains words from a broader search than the one with “Time” as the big word. I liked how changing the colors and layouts affected which words stood out the most when viewing the images. Of course the largest ones always stood out the most, but color brightness and word orientation made a big difference in some cases too. There is a gallery at the Wordle site containing images from other people’s wordles. I found the ones from the presidential and vice presidential debates pretty interesting. All images in this gallery were created at Wordle.net.