Homer is gone. Last straw was when the cassette player started on fire, shortly after the a/c breaking, battery dying, broken starter, oil leaks, and replacement of brake calipers and pads. I believe it was set to self-destruct at 100K miles. The self-destruct program was working fine. Now there is Rollie 🙂

Adobe to buy Macromedia

2 webgeek software giants, $3.4B, what happens next? PhotoWeaver CSMX 2005? Slashdot has some geek perspectives on the big news.

Name Voyager

Name Voyager is a fun java app (your browser must run java to play with it) where you type in a name, and it charts the name by U.S. popularity, by decade, for the past century. For example, if I enter “Lori”, the graph starts going up at around 1940, peaks in the 60’s, and …

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New business site is finally up!

After many months of changing my mind about the design and technology of the new BeeDragon site, it is finally done! It’s a custom design, and is powered by mambo code. If you like, you can check it out here. Tell your friends ; ) It is still in the “public testing phase”. All feedback …

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Bri and Sarah’s Wedding!

Bri and Sarah got married in San Juan, Puerto Rico on Sunday. Me and Karen went there for 4 days. It was very hot and very beautiful, especially the wedding! It was also nice to see so many people I haven’t seen in so long, like Eric and Vivian and Pete and all of Bri’s …

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