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Meetup — 01/27/2007


Last night, me and d went to a meetup of the Albany Asperger’s Syndrome meetup group. Six people showed up at Au Coquelet Cafe in Berkeley and I am pretty sure it was a good experience for everyone. This meeting and group were different than anything I have experienced so far.

The conversation went pretty smoothly and covered some interesting topics. One person is about to undergo a bunch of testing in the hopes of getting an official diagnosis so that she can better explain to her family that she has Asperger’s. She feels that she needs the official backup in order to be taken seriously and believed.
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Surprise! — 01/21/2007


A long time ago, Karen promised that she would never throw me a surprise party. She also promised that she would never lie to me. Today, after a surprise party last night which followed about a month of deceit, I find myself surprisingly (and pleasantly) not angry at all.

I was surprised to say the least! Me and Karen and TC were hanging out in the living room when the doorbell rang. I answered it and looked outside to see about 10 or 12 people who I know and like standing there holding balloons and smiling at me. I honestly did not know what to make of it. I think I figured it out about a minute later when they all quietly yelled “Surprise!”, but my brain was still trying to make some sense of it as they started coming inside the house.
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Interesting Things — 01/15/2007

Interesting Things

I was an insomniac again last night, but I didn’t really mind. Got some good rest anyway. Me and K had some laughs in the middle of the night, mostly due to to Nikkyo falling down behind the bed repeatedly.

I watched some online tutorials at lynda.com. K is getting me the very sweet birthday present of a subscription to the online tutorial library. I am very excited about that. Some of my favorite authors/geeks/web heroes have tutorials there. A few that I was most excited about were Molly Holzschlag, Eric Meyer, and my new photoshop hero, Bert Monroy. He gave a session at macworld about photorealism in Photoshop and I was completely blown away. Inspired. Awed. He creates amazing photorealistic images from scratch (i.e. not from a photo)! Videos also included topics of high interest to me like PHP, javascript, and Ruby on Rails.

Other interesting things I found while not sleeping include:

First impressions of OmniWeb 5:

  • Coolest feature: You can add a custom search to the search bar for ANY site that has a search box!
  • Per site preferences are really handy. Options include what to do with popups, where to allow images from, and use of custom css.
  • I had trouble getting the wordpress song video to play from the authors website. It worked in Firefox. There was no problem getting it to play directly from the viddler site.
  • It crashed for no apparent reason and did not remember my rearranged bookmarks. Very annoying!
  • I have been enjoying browsing with it for the most part. I like the sidebar with screenshots for tabs. I wonder if there is a firefox extension for this. I know there is an addon for Safari that will do it (Safari Stand).
  • As usual, nothing can replace Firefox for pure browsing goodness 🙂
Macworld 2007 | Last Day — 01/12/2007

Macworld 2007 | Last Day

I am back in the microsoft blogger lounge for the last time. I got to the show a couple of hours ago and have been wandering the expo floor to see all of the things that I hadn’t seen yet and the things that I wanted to see again. Curiosity drove me to purchase a $10 copy of OmniWeb. I have been curious for so long why people would pay for a browser when there is Firefox for free. And Safari. And Opera. Etc. The convincing feature was the ease of specifying per site settings, including custom stylesheets. There are some other nice features too.

I am glad I got back here today. Yesterday didn’t turn out so well. I never made it to the final session of the user’s conference. I wasn’t feeling well and ended up walking around outside for a long time until I felt well enough to get on BART. I couldn’t drive or take the bus when I got back to Oakland. Everything was wrong. I felt very strange in my brain and body. Sick and still in that freakin’ cotton ball. I walked home and fell asleep almost instantly and didn’t wake up until night time. Today is not so great either, but way better than yesterday.

I will look around some more, but I think I have finally had my fix. Still, it is hard to leave so much geekiness behind. There is a lot of cool stuff here but I am very tired and I don’t want to get stuck here like I did yesterday.

Day 4 | Microsoft Blogger Lounge — 01/11/2007

Day 4 | Microsoft Blogger Lounge

I can’t resist. i am in the ‘microsoft blogger lounge’, blogging. Here is something that microsoft has truly done right. A small oasis smack in the middle of macworld chaos. Round tables with back to back 17″ imacs. Groupings of comfortable soft black chairs and couches arranged around matching oversized ottoman tables. Powerstrips. Ethernet cables. Free drinks. I love it here. The noise fades into the background. Not fades exactly. More like becomes a blanket of white noise.
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Macworld 2007 :: Day 3 | Insomniac — 01/10/2007

Macworld 2007 :: Day 3 | Insomniac

A funny thing happened to me on the way to macworld today… actually, it wasn’t very funny, but it turned out okay. I couldn’t get any parking at BART and ended up driving to the city. Got to Moscone Center with 1 minute to spare before the first conference session started; Mac OS X Hints. I parked in a garage on 3rd st. and was in such a rush, i didn’t even see what the prices were. I hope they take credit cards! The session was too full and i couldn’t get in. I tried a couple of others, but wasn’t really into it. Luckily, tons of other people didn’t get in either, so they are repeating it before the next round starts. I am in the hallway waiting for that now.
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The Keynote | Macworld 2007 — 01/09/2007

The Keynote | Macworld 2007

iPhonenote: raw notes scribbled during the keynote. these will be edited and reposted at some point in the near future.

update: changed my mind. too tired to edit. i will just add the photo and the ‘read more’ link, fix the typos, and leave the ramble as is. To skip the ramble and view the actual keynote, click here.

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Macworld 2007 :: Day 1 | It Begins — 01/08/2007

Macworld 2007 :: Day 1 | It Begins

I am at Moscone Center. Just got my badge for macworld. No lines today. Exept for food! There are endless lines at the 2 food stands. The power tools conferences must have just broken for lunch when I got here and the food stands were just opening. It is a good time not to be hungry. Nothing going on here today besides from registration and the first round of power tools conferences. Even though I am not signed up for any of those, I thought i would take advantage of the free wireless while I am here.
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