Rambling On...


trapped inside my mind

three hours to get my shoes tied

unwelcome abyss


socializing is

not always impossible

when in the right crowd


thank you laracon

for making this hardest thing

seem like a good time


traveling alone

i don’t know how to join in

i hope i can talk

Photo credit: Pawel Kadysz


mind jumping around

serial uni-tasking

need to stay focused

Photo credit: Nina Matthews Photography

dust in the air

so many details

watching the dust in the air

i am mesmerized

Photo credit: Karen M. Hillman


stuck inside the house

too confused to get away

not living the dream

Photo credit: Karen M. Hillman

first step

so much work to do

a thousand steps to get there

start with the first one

Photo credit: James Handlon

doing it wrong

working at all hours

highly marketable skills

still hard to get by

Photo credit: tomatokisses

code break

staring at the code

the lines begin to waver

time to go outside

Photo credit: Lord James

Placeholder Text Generators

I generate a lot of Lorem Ipsum text when I am laying out websites. Usually I use a keyboard shortcut or the old standby, lipsum.com. I also like Fillerati. Those are nice because they include the option to add different… Continue Reading →

Favorite One-Trick Utility of the Year

Aspect Ratio Calculator


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Interview on Laravel News

I got interviewed on Laravel News


I got interviewed by Eric Barnes on Laravel News about the Baltimore Laravel group and other web development related things

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