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Kermit — 12/27/2005
Aspieland.com — 12/07/2005


My current project, aspieland.com, is up for public testing. It will be a non-commercial site directory of sites by and for people on the autistic spectrum. The goal of this site is to focus on individual home pages and make it easier for us to find eachother on the web. Large community and resource sites will be listed as well.

Forums are being set up to help people make their own web sites, and people have already volunteered to help with design, hosting, and more.

Come and visit, browse, list your site! Please contact me to report any bugs or make suggestions.

Railroad Museum Pix — 12/05/2005

Railroad Museum Pix

Thanks to everyone who came out to the model railroad yesterday. I had fun and it was nice to meet those folks that I haven’t met before. I took some pictures on my phone, most of which needed to be photoshopped in some way or other, so please pardon the “art shots”! Click on the thumbnails to view larger images.

I never got around to resizing them to fit this site, so also please pardon the couple that are hiding behind the sidebar.

bridgepalace hotelstreet lights
power housetunnelvictorians

Scatchmonkey took some pictures with a real camera and put them up on his site too. Click here to see them. They are about 3/4 down the page.
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New Features — 11/29/2005

New Features

A site map has been added to help with site navigation, and a guestbook has been added to help with my own and other users’ curiosity about who is visiting this site. Please sign it 🙂

Meetup at Golden State Model Railroad Museum — 11/16/2005

Meetup at Golden State Model Railroad Museum

It is official. Our first ‘Oakland Aspieland’ meetup will be on Sunday, December 4th at 1pm at the Golden State Model Railroad Museum. The trains will be running 🙂

Admission fees are:
$3 for Adults
$2 for Senior Citizens and Children under 12
$7 for Families

If anybody needs or can give rides, let us know, and maybe we can arrange something.

Click here for directions to the museum.

Stones and Metallica —

Stones and Metallica

Things are good 🙂 My client site is just about done, my meds are stabilized for the moment, and the Rolling Stones and Metallica rocked last night!

The highlight of the Stones show was when Mick and Lisa Fischer did a duet of Ray Charles’ “Nighttime is the Right Time”. I had never heard of Lisa Fischer before, but I hope to hear her again. She is AMAZING! This duet came directly after an awesome “Midnight Rambler” and some other excellent blues tunes. More great moments were “Sympathy For The Devil”, “It’s Only Rock ‘n’ Roll”, and the encores “You Can’t Always Get What You Want ” and “Satisfaction”. I am glad to have gotten to see them. I have always wanted to. Thanks K!

Metallica rocked as always 🙂 The highlights of that show were “The Unforgiven”, me and K’s song “Nothing Else Matters”, “Master of Puppets”, and “Enter Sandman”. The crowd took a while to warm up (and show up) to Metallica, but in the end head bangers were born, and the band seemed very happy to be playing in their home town.

The road to black belt is paved with quicksand (one black stripe paper) — 11/06/2005

The road to black belt is paved with quicksand (one black stripe paper)

I have been testing for one black stripe for most of this year. It has been a crazy and intense year for me in many ways, and as usual, what I have learned in Cuong Nhu has helped to deal with many of the things that I have been going through.
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Take Some Deep Breaths — 11/02/2005

Take Some Deep Breaths

I decreased the dose of my old meds again recently, and I am having the very scary side effect of having trouble breathing. It is not new, but has gotten a lot worse lately. It is a side effect of the new meds. I get short of breath and light-headed until I can catch my breath again. My vision also gets blurry while it is happening. I didn’t mind it when it just happened once in a while, but now it is kind of freaking me out.

The doc says that the way I should decide what to do about the dosage is to see ‘how much I can stand’ of the side effect vs. how much I can stand being on a lower dose of the med. It is getting to the point where the side effect may be more than I can stand.

I’m not really sure what to do about it. I don’t want to keep taking my old meds. The brand name was discontinued because of some people having sudden fatal liver damage. I take the generic. Supposedly I am at lower risk because I’ve been taking it for so many years, and that ‘side effect’ happens to people more new to the drug. Still it’s kind of freaky.

I can barely stand the thought about trying ANOTHER new drug. It is a crazy process every time. I hope I will find a good solution, but at the moment I am short of ideas.

Happy Halloween — 11/01/2005
A little bit of heaven — 10/31/2005

A little bit of heaven

Saturday was K’s birthday 🙂 We went to the Russian River to celebrate and got home today. It was so great. Fun, relaxing, magical. We got massages that rocked. Seriously deep tissue! I don’t really like those kinds of massages when someone is barely touching you. It feels like a tease to me. Just enough to remind me where all the sore spots are, but not enough to make them feel any better. Not with Ed. He even got my hip to stop hurting during the massage. Unfortunately, it hurt like a mofo afterwards. Still, I’d do it again. Karen got a shiatsu massage, which looked equally as magical, judging by the smile on her face when she was done.

We went to a pretty fun but not very well attended halloween party at Fab with Lorena and Tess on Saturday night. There was dancing and a drag show that was pretty good except for the volume being way too loud during the second half. My favorite part was the good and evil Dolly routine where there were two Dolly Partons, one the good angel Dolly and one the bad angel Dolly. They were arguing back and forth through a medley of lip synced Dolly tunes. Never enough Dolly 🙂 Dolly Dolly Dolly.

Yesterday we walked around town and got some presents for people and a book for K and a finger puppet monster for me. At night we watched ‘The Princess Bride’ which I had never seen before. It was excellent. We also drank a little mini bottle of champagne we got at Korbel that afternoon. Nice 🙂

This morning we walked around Armstrong Woods. I love that place so much. It is so beautiful and magical. I especially like going there with K. It was perfect weather for a walk in the woods. Cool, but not too cold. There was mist coming from some of the trees that added to the magicalness. The colors were so bright and everything was glistening and covered with dew. Everything so green and brown. No other colors except for an occasional purple flower, and if you’re lucky, a yellow banana slug. No sounds besides from birds and one woodpecker. It is such a nice change from the rest of the world. Happy birthday K!