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Pictures are up — 05/18/2004
weather, part 2 — 05/15/2004

weather, part 2

by marleykito

…AND I got a tattoo! it’s a black tribal-looking sun w/a red/purple/black peace sign in the middle – y’all will see it soon 🙂 going to get some Indonesian food now 🙂 — karen

Weather —


It is a beautiful sunny day! We’ve lucked out w/the weather the whole time we’ve been here and in London too. It was supposed to rain the whole time we were in both places, but it hasn’t rained at all. Jo said it was raining in London before we got there. We’ve been walking around all day. I’m tired! Went to the Dolphins last night. That was alot of fun. We’re leaving tomorrow. I’m running out of minutes for this computer so I will go now 🙂

and trains too… — 05/14/2004

and trains too…

I forgot about trains. Roads and train tracks and bike paths and sidewalks are all one thing. It is very chaotic, but somehow manageable. Amsterdam is very fun. We went to the Van Gogh Museum today. It was very cool. Everything is very cool. There are tons of people out on the street w/canvases painting along some of the canals. Even though a whole bunch of them are painting the same scene, they all have totally different paintings! It is very fun to watch.
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Amsterdam :) — 05/13/2004

Amsterdam :)

We’re in Amsterdam now. It’s 8pm now. It’s 1 hour later than in London, 9 hours later than Oakland. We checked into our hotel. It’s pretty nice. Our room is very tiny. It’s like a little space pod. The bed is sort of in this cubby hole next to the window. It has a bathroom w/a shower which is very cool. We had some dinner – very excellent pizza w/the hugest capers I’ve ever seen on it. Now we’re at easyInternet cafe. They are everywhere here. Fast connections.
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Leaving London — 05/12/2004

Leaving London

It’s 4:45am. More jetlag. Good thing Jo has a computer 🙂 We’re leaving at around 11 for the airport. It only takes about an hour to get to Amsterdam. It will be very sad to say good-bye to Jo, but very fun to be in Amsterdam.

Soho was fun. Not as many queers as I was expecting, but some really good ‘tea and cakes’. I am really amazed about how there is such a strong feeling of history here. Something we don’t really have in the U.S. since it’s so new.
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Diagon Alley —

Diagon Alley

Went to Covent Garden today. It was like walking into a story book. Kind of like Diagon Alley in Harry Potter. We got presents for Jo and some other folks and also went to the Doc Marten Store and got us some Docs. Had some cornish pasties. Now we’re back at Jo’s and soon gonna head out to Soho for high tea and queers. Tomorrow we’re going to Amsterdam. It will be very sad to say good-bye to Jo. It’s been so great seeing her 🙂

Greenwich — 05/11/2004


Went to the Tate Modern museum yesterday. There were lots of cool things there and some that I didn’t really get, like a big blue piece of plastic stuck up on the wall. Tried to go to Westminster Abbey, but it closed at 3:45, 7 minutes before we got there. We’re gonna try again this morning.

At night we went to Greenwich w/Jo and her friend Carl and K’s friend Jim. We had the best time! It’s so great to see the city w/people who live here. We went to Greenwich park, but the part where the time line is was closed. We went to a pub w/great lager and then took a walk along the Thames to another pub that was very cool too. We had lots of fun. Everybody here is so nice. We heard about rude cab drivers and people, but haven’t met any yet.

Today we’re going to Soho after the abbey. Gonna try to find the Doc Martin emporium, queers, and high tea. That will be fun. Tomorrow we’re headed to Amsterdam. Gotta hit the road now.

London — 05/10/2004


It's Tuesday 4:30am London time. Guess I still have jetlag. London is great. It is so great to see Jo. Even though it’s been 10 years, it’s like we just saw eachother yesterday. Jo and Karen like each other alot. I knew they would. They are very much alike in a lot of ways. They even have the same birthday.

We got to Jo’s place on Sunday afternoon after she somehow got our jetlagged selves out of Heathrow and onto a couple of trains and to her flat. We hung out there for a while and rested. Got to meet her girlfriend Chrissie who is very cool too.
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More New Games Added — 05/08/2004

More New Games Added

Added a bunch of new games. High scores will not register on this site for any of the new games. Most are free games from Miniclip.

Most games have included instructions once you click on them to play. Eventually, I’ll add instructions for any that don’t already have them, and also thumbnail images for previews. Have fun!